Original Watercolor Chess Paintings

Chess is a beautiful game. Great games can always be remembered by the player, but it's hard to translate a win's meaningfulness to words. When I started painting chess games, I realized that there was a way to make visually stunning translations of the game using watercolors. All the moves are hand drawn in the correct move order so you can see the game as it develops through the transparency of the paint and the overlap of the brushstrokes. You may find yourself following along with the brushstrokes as you look at the painting.

Order below and receive an original work of art based on the move list of of your game. (Or games! A whole tournament series will be an interesting display) All paintings are delivered on paper and mailed when completed and dry. If you order at a tournament, there is a chance your painting will be done before the end of the tournament, be sure to stop by my table again to check. All tournament orders will be completed and mailed within two weeks of the end of the tournament. All website orders can be expected to be processed within 7-14 days. 

These watercolor paintings use high-quality watercolor and paper. The squares are hand-drawn and I find them to be more "painterly" that they are slightly different each time. These are hand-drawn paintings, they are delicate. Framing them behind glass is the best way to take care of them. Because they are watercolor, they are not always "flat", but will still look great behind a frame. 

Watercolor paintings come in two sizes. 8x8" and 12x12"

8x8" Original Chess Painting

12x12" Original Chess Painting

Custom Sizes Available

I love creating large abstract paintings. Chess paintings are really fun at a larger size. The painting you see here is 36x36" is a great addition to my living room. It depicts Kasparov's Immortal Game. Kasparov vs. Topalov 1999. I use notations to create more dynamic layers, highlighting important moves and also showing the movements of the Queens and Kings (in this game, both kings end up on the bottom row). Prices vary by size, these paintings are done in acrylic. Colors and sizing can be discussed. 

Please contact me for more information - keeganshinerart@gmail.com